The Press Responds to “Urban Experiential Displays”

Over the past few months, Philadelphia’s journalists, planners, and opinion-makers have all voiced their disgust with the “UEDs” (really, 3D digital billboards, sold as Urban Experiential Displays) proposed by Councilman Mark Squilla in Bill 140906.

Here, we have gathered all the relevant articles and op-eds for you reading pleasure. Please click on the title of each article to view it in your web browser, or click the “PDF” link to download the article to your computer.

No, These Ugly LED Statues Will Not Revolutionize the Streets of Philadelphia (PDF), Bill Bradley, Next City, 4/9/2014

Bill could permit three-dimensional digital advertisements on Center City sidewalks (PDF), Jared Brey, PlanPhilly, 11/14/2014

As digital signs encroach, public realm sold short (PDF), Ashley Hahn, PlanPhilly, 11/19/2014

3-D billboard proposal presented to Planning Commission (PDF), Jared Brey, PlanPhilly, 1/20/2015

Planners: No 3-D digital billboards in Center City, please (PDF), Jared Brey, PlanPhilly, 2/17/2015

Committee approves bill allowing 3-D digital ads in Center City (PDF), Jared Brey, PlanPhilly, 2/24/2015

Scenic Philadelphia Fights back against vote by City Council Rules Committee permitting digital billboards (PDF), Nicole Contosta, Philadelphia Free Press, 3/9/2015

Changing Skyline: Bill would transform city streets into blaring, blazing digital billboard (PDF), Inga Saffron, The Inquirer, 3/13/2015

Revolving Door Chronicles: Former Councilman lobbies Council for billboard company (PDF), Jared Brey, PlanPhilly, 3/17/2015

Squilla claims wide neighborhood support for 3-D billboards (PDF), Jared Brey, PlanPhilly, 3/19/2015

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson pulls his district out of 3-D advertising bill (PDF), Valerie Russ, Daily News, 3/19/2015

Letters supporting 3D billboards are identical, linked to Catalyst petition (PDF), Jared Brey, PlanPhilly, 3/23/2015

Chillin’ Wit’ Mary C. Tracy of Scenic Philadelphia (PDF), Valerie Russ, Daily News 3/24/2015

Say no to the unbearable lightness of being garish (PDF), Susan Perloff, Daily News, 3/25/2015

Philly to consider huge electronic digital billboards (PDF), Julia Terruso, The Inquirer, 3/25/2015

Who’s got Council’s ear in vote on bill for new digital ads? (PDF), Valerie Russ, Daily News, 3/26/2015

City Council OKs two huge, 3D billboards for Center city (PDF), Julia Terruso, The Inquirer, 3/27/2015

Whose bright idea? (PDF), Daily News Editorial, 3/27/2015

Council OKs bill for UEDs; Nutter concerned (PDF), Valerie Russ, Daily News, 3/27/2015