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Digital signs in the Parkway

 Logan Square
Logan Square Neighborhood Association Board voted to oppose the application for a variance allowing Franklin Institute to replace two existing static accessory signs with flashing, intermittent lighting. The proposed signs need a variance due to their location in a residential area prohibiting signs with intermittent lighting. The signs also are within 200 feet of the Parkway which strictly prohibits flashing, digital signage.

400 North 5th

 Three members of Philadelphia’s Zoning Board of Adjustment denied Philadelphia citizens the right to speak to the board about the harmful impact of bright flashing and illegal digital billboards on their living spaces. Residents living in Old City, Society Hill and Callowhill came to testify against the bright flashing advertisements intruding into their living rooms, bedrooms and street views all day and night with up to 14,400 flashing messages a day!


Attendees were also prepared to speak about the impact of these nuisance billboards on Independence National Historic Park where they can be seen towering from the rooftop of the Cube Storage Warehouse.

National Park Superintendent, Cynthia MacLeod wrote a letter to the Board stating that the digital billboards hovering near the Park, violate the spirit of the Philadelphia Code which was written “to preserve the historical character of a national shrine and the the birthplace of our nation’s capitol”. She added that the flashing sign devalues the experience of over 5 million visitors a year who come to Philadelphia to enjoy the historical character of this World Heritage Site.

Unfortunately this letter was not allowed in the record nor was anyone allowed to speak about the merits of the appeal.   In a 3-1 vote, zoning board chair Lynette Brown-Sow,  Carol Tinari and Sam Statten quashed the appeal and refused to hear from local residents regarding the impact of the billboards on their properties and quality of life. Newly appointed board member Greg Pastore was the only vote in favor of the community.  Marty Bednarek left the room before the final vote was taken.

 Please send an email to the Mayor, ZBA and Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation