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Come See Our Presentation to the Design Advocacy Group Thursday 3.2.2017

A billboard company wants to put advertising signs like this one on Philadelphia's public buildings.
A billboard company wants to put advertising signs like this one on Philadelphia’s public buildings.
Advertising in the Public Realm: Putting a Price Tag on Philadelphia’s Assets
Thursday, March 2nd
8:00 AM

Center for Architecture + Design, 1218 Arch Street

​“As the first and only World Heritage City in the U.S., Philadelphia’s unique beauty is now under siege by the rush to place outdoor advertising throughout our public commons, raising the question of whether the paltry sum of money the city might gain from allowing massive billboards to cover up our public buildings makes up for the denigration of our streetscapes’ integrity and character,” says Mary Tracy, president of Scenic America and executive director of Scenic Philadelphia.

Mary will discuss recent proposals for hanging billboards on Philadelphia’s public property, including the Municipal Services Building, One Parkway, subway stairway entrances and PPA’s neighborhood parking lots.

Joining her will be Jonathan Snyder, author of Beyond Aesthetics: The Economic Impact of Outdoor Advertising on Philadelphia’s Property Values, who will discuss the impact of billboards on real estate and home values within census tracts in the City of Philadelphia and the effect of billboards on median income, poverty rates and vacancy rates in different cities in the United States.