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Surprise Edits to Zoning Code Proposal

Yesterday the Zoning Code Commission released its “Blueline Draft” of the new zoning code proposal. The Commission will vote on the draft next Wednesday.  The Commission is likely to vote “yes” on the draft, after which the proposal could go before City Council as early as February 17th.

After repeatedly assuring SCRUB and other interested parties that the signage chapter of the code would not be touched – and would function essentially as a placeholder operating under the provisions of the current code – until significantly later than the main body of the zoning code, the Zoning Code Commission has made sweeping revisions to the signage code in its latest round of edits. The “Blueline Draft” of the signage code appears to be made up mostly of newly edited blue text.

To put this chapter in context, you may wish to consult these charts relating the current zoning districts to the designations used in the proposed code, and this map which will help you know your zoning district.

Because the draft was only released yesterday, SCRUB is still reeling from the implications of the surprise edit, but among the changes, this version of the code would appear to allow animated digital signage in store windows as a matter of right.  It also appears to remove prohibitions on signs on tree gaurds, tree supports, and utility poles.


*** UPDATE ***

The final vote on the new zoning code has been postponed two weeks, but the Commission will still hear public comments at this week’s meeting.  SCRUB plans to testify, and encourages anyone with concerns about the Blueline Draft to do likewise.