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Billboard Industry is Successful in Gaining City Councils Approval to Pass Billboard Protection Bill 120417

The industry-sponsored Bill will allow dozens of condemned billboards to be reconstructed in currently prohibited areas located in the River Wards stretching from Allegheny to Rhawn Streets.   Since 1991, billboards have been prohibited in areas within 300 feet of residences, and 660 feet of schools, parks and playgrounds.  Councilman Henon sponsored Bill 120417 which exempts billboard companies from having to comply with these restrictions.

bill 120417 june 11 2012

Bill 120417 will allow this towering billboard to be rebuilt in the midst of another block of homes, and contrary to Philadelphia’s 1991 sign laws prohibiting billboards near residences, schools, parks and playgrounds.

The legislation detracts from the neighborhoods’ efforts to create a more visually attractive and liveable community and squanders the best opportunity we have had in three decades to partially remove sign clutter from I-95.  It also has an impact on property values according to a report released in December finding that properties located within 500 feet of a billboard were $30,825 less valuable.

Representatives of the impacted neighborhoods: Bridesburg Port Richmond, Tacony and Wissonoming are opposed to the bill.

What you can do:
1. Become a Scenic Philadelphia Member and join your neighbors who believe we are responsible for maintaining and protecting our beautiful city.  William Penn had a vision of Philadelphia being known as Green Countrie, help us work towards William Penn’s vision.

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