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Signage Committee Meetings Being Scheduled

The front of your business is your face to the world. And, the way your shop looks sends a message to your potential customers. Customers may only give your store a glance before deciding if they’ll come in or keep going. A cheery, well-maintained, clearly-signed store says “Welcome! Come on in!” A faded sign, peeling paint, a jumble of signs and products in the window may make a customer hesitate for a moment, or just keep walking.

Your sign is one of the most important components of your storefront facade. Your sign is your opportunity to convey your message to potential customers. The first impression created by your sign and your storefront happens in a blink of an eye. Are your making the most of the opportunity?

This Signage Resource Center is a great place to start learning about a new sign for your business. You’ll learn how to make it attractive, how to make it effective and how to make it legal. You’ll find design guidelines and a gallery of signs to inspire you, the Philadelphia Zoning Code, and an outline of the city’s permitting process – everything you need to get going. By following the steps to the right, you’ll be on your way at an attractive new sign.







What kind of signs would you like to see in your neighborhood?  The Signage Working Group, Eva Gladstein would like your input.