Nutter vetoes are called for

December 14, 2011

Nutter vetoes are called for

By Doron Taussig
Daily News

An IOM editorial in the Daily News:

TOMORROW, City Council is expected to make history by voting to approve a new simplified zoning code. The code hasn’t been updated for 50 years, so this is a momentus day that could put the city on track for more coherent and streamlined dealings over what gets built and where.

It’s been a long and winding road, but Council has shown a commitment to do the right thing.

So why did it take two steps back by approving a spot-zoning change that is not only inadvisable, but, according to the City Solictor’s Office, illegal?

The bill, sponsored by Frank DiCicco, would allow a building on 7th Street near Callowhill to be wrapped with a giant ad. Right before the vote, City Solicitor Shelley Smith wrote a six-page letter detailing legal issues with the bill, and said that allowing the ad could jeopardize Federal Highway Administration funding.