Power-slurping Signs


Posted on Mar 21, 2011

Power-slurping signs: Those digital billboards popping up along the region’s highways are attention grabbers – and energy guzzlers

By Sandy Bauers, Inquirer Staff Writer

Every eight seconds, the message changed.

Drivers whizzing by on I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia might have seen an ad for American Idol, which then flashed to ones for a Sixers game, a Target sale, 95.7 Ben-FM, and a Lenovo laptop – “so fast it’s obscene!”

But Greg Young wasn’t tempted by any of this. Standing in front of the sign and frowning slightly, he was thinking about electricity and how many watts were coursing through the wires of this new gizmo.

The sign was a digital billboard, a new breed of outdoor advertising that is growing in both the region and the nation.