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New Developments with the Zoning Code Commission

Dear Scenic PhiladelphiaMembers and Friends,

Today the Zoning Code Commission Voted to give 10 More Weeks for Review and Revisions to the Draft Zoning Code

The ZCC voted to extend the time period for review and revisions during today’s Wednesday, March 2nd Meeting rather than vote on the current draft and send it off to Council.
The revised Philadelphia Zoning Code will impact land use and development in neighborhoods, business districts, and the overall visual character of our city for decades to come.

To read the third draft version of the proposed code visit and select the “greenlined” draft.

Due to the complex nature of regulating signage and the competing interests of passionate community advocates and powerful sign industry lobbyists, the chapter on signage will be held for further review. We will be helping to enlist community participation and comments during this phase of the sign code rewrite and will count on your help to implement a sign code policy that will enhance the visual character of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, business corridors and gateways.

Scenic Philadelphia gave comment and the ZCC listened.

In the meantime, the current revised code contained several areas where we detected changes that could have had a negative impact on neighborhoods. We presented our observations and suggestions to the Zoning Code Commission staff. Here are some of the key issues addressed and their response:

Scenic Philadelphia Concerns / ZCC Response

Digital Billboards & Accessory signage ZCC to ensure L&I using correct standard currently and will consider limitations
“Interior Illumination” ZCC to clean up language and consider limitations based on public input
“Adjacent Lots” Scenic Philadelphia to propose new language that is broader yet able to be clearly defined by law
Building logo signs ZCC to simplify language, will consider a size and building occupancy limitation
Billboards permitted in new I-2 District including Food Distribution Center where such signs are currently prohibited ZCC consulting with Planning Commission to consider request to preserve protections.
Legislative Findings Have been incorporated into the enacting ordinance. Scenic Philadelphia continues to have concerns regarding this issue.
Including Safety Standards as part of the criteria for approval of signs ZCC will consider
Abatement (Enforcement) of sign codes remains the same at Scenic Philadelphia’s request


Please contact us with any questions or if you would like a copy of the full summary of Issues/Responses. We will work to keep you informed and engaged during this important public process.

Thank you for your support,

Mary Tracy