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The Settlement Cases

August 9, 2006: The City of Philadelphia Law Department settles a lawsuit with representatives of the billboard industry..

March 6, 2007: Scenic Philadelphia, along with five members of Philadelphia City Council, four other community organizations, and one individual sues the City for violations of due process rights, and rights to access the courts and to petition the government.

June 21, 2007: The suit is dismissed with prejudice from Federal District Court.

October 9, 2007: Plaintiffs from the March 6th case appeal to the Federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

August 12, 2008: The Third Circuit Court affirms the order of the Federal District court in part, and modifies it in part, holding that, while the Plaintiffs lacked standing in Federal court, the merit of their claims could still be litigated in the state courts

2010: Plaintiffs bring a similar claim in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County.

2010: Defendants have the case removed to Federal Dristrict court because the claim raises questions of Federal Law.

2010: Plaintiffs move to remand the case to the state court system.

October 21, 2010: Defendants move to dismiss the claim on the basis of a lack of Federal Question jurisdiction.