Digital Signage Report

As digital signage continues to proliferate around the country, a new report examines the technical, environmental, economic and regulatory issues surrounding this emerging technology.

Although much attention has been paid to the driver safety impacts of digital signage, there has been relatively little research regarding the environmental and energy-consumption issues raised by this new technology.

This report, Illuminating the Issues, for the first time, provides citizens and regulators with a solid starting point for exploring those issues and sets the ground for further discussion.  The New York Times has even provided coverage of the report with the questions Do Digital Billboards Waste Energy?

The paper was authored by Gregory Young, LEED AP, an architectural designer and urban planner active in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  A recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, his research was supported by a generous grant from the Samuel F. Fels Fund, and performed in collaboration with Scenic Philadelphia.

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