City Council Hears Testimony on 401 Race Signage

Your Voice has been heard! Thank you so much for all your letters and communications to Philadelphia City Council.

Council has reported over 200 emails and letters received on the issue of a hotel proposed for Old City to include a controversial electronic sign and live entertainment. The voices of those who care about Philadelphia’s skyline as well as the safety of our drivers are being heard!

Compelling Testimony Given at yesterday’s City Council session, as Philadelphia residents, representatives from Scenic Philadelphia, AAA as well as environmental groups and civic groups from across the City each voiced their opinions. At the request of Scenic Philadelphia, the representative of AAA gave illuminating testimony on the potential life-threatening effects of having an electronic sign like the one proposed at the foot of a major city gateway like the Ben Franklin Bridge.


Councilmen DiCicco on bill amendments:

Hello All: After further review of the site lines of the proposed digital sign, I have decided based on those graphics that the sign would be visible to the residental communtiy. I will therefore introduce an amendment this Thursday to remove the sign from the current ordinance. I apologize for any inconvinence that this issue may have caused you the residents of Old City and other interested parties. My original support for the sign was based on what I was led to believe, that the sign would only be visible to traffic heading west on the Ben Franklin Bridge and that I would not move forward with the bill until I had evidensce to support that theory. Thank you, Frank