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Shocking Zoning Legislation Proposed by Councilman DiCicco.

Councilman DiCicco introduced legislation, bill 100553, that disregards the visual integrity of communities located along the I-95 corridor.According to Plan Philly, there is a provision that states that these owners can relocate without following any of the proper channels to receive permission or zoning code variances.So, hypothetically, there could currently exist illegal billboards that would be relocated to nearby locations while still retaining their illegal status.Essentially, this bill would allow billboard owners to circumvent the codes that are put in place to protect our city from the blight of visual pollution.

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Neighborhoods across the city vigorously advocated for bills to be put in place that would protect As a result, it is imperative that the zoning codes be honored instead of disregarded so that the areas surrounding I-95 will not be further scarred by the blemishes of billboards.

I 95 Billboards


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