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Global Resistance to Billboards Gains Momentum

Is the problem of visual pollution limited to the urban districts of the United States? Residents of Cairo and Mexico City would give a resounding “NO” to this question as the outdoor advertising epidemic has overtaken major cities in Africa, Central and South America.

In Cairo, Egypt, residents as well as government officials have begun to take notice of the growing need to regulate outdoor advertisement.Both have witnessed the natural and architectural beauty of this historic city become overshadowed by the visual pollution that is outdoor advertisement.Despite this glaring issue, little has been done to slow the spread of this cancerous blight.

According to the Denver Post, citizens elsewhere have taken more aggressive approaches.Mexico City, considered one of the busiest and largest cities in the world, has tried to control the explosion of billboard through several aggressive legislative attempts in recent years(some more successful than others). The sentiment is that “[the billboards] are ugly and distract drivers.”

The recent trend that has emerged in places like Mexico City and Sao Paulo, Brazil, show that some cities, where opposition to the dissemination of billboards has reached an all time high, are willing to take strong measures to gain control of their public space.