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Scenic Philadelphia Mourns the Death of Gray Smith

The recent death of Gray Smith is a loss to us all. His passion and commitment to our built and natural environments will benefit our city for years to come.

Gray was a dedicated civic leader, preservationist, mentor, architect, and urban planner who used his knowledge and skills to benefit Philadelphia. Gray’s contributions to SCRUB were many. He provided expert testimony as an architect and a planner in many of our landmark cases including: Burholme Park, wallwraps at East Market Street, and at Callowhill Center on Vine Street, all of which preserved Philadelphia from further visual pollution. Gray Smith was a founding member of Scenic Philadelphia and supported our work for over 20 years.

When Councilman DiCicco introduced Bill 100013 in February 2010, amending Philadelphia’s billboard laws, Gray wrote to the Councilman,” Where did this awful thing come from?” Gray went on to warn, “You have not endeared yourself with the neighborhood groups with this outlandish proposal.” Gray could always be counted on not to mince words and to speak the truth.

Scenic Philadelphia mourns the loss of this great friend along with his guidance and wisdom.