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Citizens Needed to Testify on Bill 100013

Commercial Advertising Building Wraps and Digital Signs Coming to Market Street East

UPDATE: The May 12th hearing has been CANCELLED!

Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday, May 12, 2010 – 11:00AM – City Hall – Room 400
To testify contact the Sharon Ortiz or Linda Rios at 215- 686-3407.

For more information contact Scenic Philadelphia 215 731-1796.

Councilman DiCicco’s Outdoor Advertising Bill 100013 takes away the city’s ability to regulate signage and will allow massive outdoor advertising signs including LED digitals and rootop billboards along Market Street between 7th and 13th Street.

Visual Pollution
This Bill is counter to recommendations found in both the 2009 Strategic Plan for Market East and Center City District’s Planning for Growth on East Market Street written in 2007.

7thstbeforePhiladelphia’s rich historical and architectural character are irreplaceable assets,setting Philadelphia apart from “anyplace, USA. Our rich collection of architecture, history, and pedestrian friendly streetscapes attract tourists, new businesses and residents. Relinquishing our streetscape to corporate advertisers whose logos and commercial messages will dominate rooftoop billboards, towering wallwraps and glaring digital signs is an ineffective strategy to revitalize this corridor. We think that there can be a better way to achieve the goal of improving East Market Street.


7th Street before (above) and after (below) outdoor advertising
7thstafter1How this Affects You
Neighborhoods and communities throughout the city will be stripped of their rights to enforce billboard laws in order to benefit select landlords and the billboard industry. Revitalization of this corridor can be achieved without billboards.

TAKE ACTION: Attend the Hearing for Bill 100013 on May 12, 2010 at 11:00 AM.

  • Plan to testify. Contact the Councilman’s office (215-686-3458) and get on the list.
  • Write a letter and phone Members of the Committee on Rules: Councilmembers Greenlee, Reynolds-Brown, Kenney,Verna, Clarke, Miller and DiCicco. See “Contact Information” below for details.
  • Pass this on

Attend and Testify
Public Hearing will be held before the Rules Committee in City Hall, Room 400 on Wednesday, May 12th at 11:00.

13thstbefore 13thstafter
13th Street before and after outdoor advertising.