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Mary Tracy: New President of Scenic America

July 27, 2009
Contact: Lynn McConville

The Board of Directors of Scenic Philadelphia, the Public Voice for Public Space, is pleased to announce that Mary Cawley Tracy, a founding member and Executive Director of SCRUB, has been elected as President of Scenic America, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the visual character of America’s communities and countryside.


Ms. Tracy will remain at the helm of Scenic Philadelphia as she takes over leadership responsibilities at Scenic America.

Scenic Philadelphia began as a grassroots coalition in 1990 to stop the proliferation of billboards in Philadelphia. In 1991, Scenic Philadelphia effectively spearheaded the passage of a comprehensive sign control law. Since that time, Tracy has led volunteer attorneys and community partners in successfully challenging illegal billboards and in establishing legal precedents in land use law in Pennsylvania. Scenic Philadelphia is now at the forefront of advocating for public parkland, having recently coordinated the legal efforts to protect Burholme Park from institutional development.

Eric Elliff, chairman of Scenic America’s Board of Directors, announced Tracy’s election at the Summer Board Meeting of Scenic America held in Newport, Rhode Island. “We are thrilled to welcome Mary Tracy…given her extensive background in grassroots organizing and non-profit management, we are confident she’s going to do a fantastic job”. Lynn McConville, Chair of the Board of Directors of Scenic Philadelphia seconded Elliff and added, “Mary’s dual leadership positions provide Scenic Philadelphia with a wonderful opportunity to bring its expertise to the federal level and for Scenic Philadelphia to gain additional resources for its work in Philadelphia. Mary is known for her motivation, vision and tenacity and her ability to work with citizens, political leaders and administrative agencies to produce positive change. Scenic America and Scenic Philadelphia will both benefit greatly from her efforts”.