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Billboards in the Burbs

Summary Prepared by The Pennsylvania Resources Council on July 16, 2009

Over the past 11 months, Thaddeus Bartkowski, of Bartkowski Investment Group (B.I.G.) has made applications for 22 billboards to be erected in the following towns: Marple (7 Billboards), Springfield (7 Billboards), Haverford (5 Billboards), Newtown (3 Billboards) townships and Morton borough (1 Billboard). The sizes of the billboard faces applied for are 672 square feet (14ft. x 48ft.) except for one billboard application in Newtown township which was 1200 square ft. (20ft.x60ft.) billboard. When all of the towns rejected the applications for the billboards,B.I.G. challenged the validity of the sign ordinances and asked the zoning hearing boards for variances.