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Financial Assistance

After getting approval from L&I, you can begin making your new sign a reality. To ease the financial strain, the Philadelphia Department of Commerce offers grants for up to 25% of the cost of new signage. Before you start construction of your sign, you can fill out an application for the Small Business Commercial Improvement Program.

To apply, include current color photographs of your business and a written estimate of the proposed work. Non-owner occupied businesses must include a letter from the owner providing consent for the construction. Once the application is approved by the Department of Commerce, you have six months to complete construction in order to be eligible for the partial rebate. Be sure to keep close track of your expenses by saving receipts and invoices; photocopies of your approved permits and photographs of the completed work are also required.

Some Community Development Corporations (CDCs) have their own facade improvement grant programs. If a CDC is involved in your corridor, call them to ask about any financial help they may offer to their merchants.